How to Do What’s Right and Stay Protected When There’s Fraud in Your Workplace

The whistleblower lawyers of Keller Grover discuss tools available to help an employee who discovers fraud in the workplace.

A Step In The Right Direction: Proposed Protection for Antitrust Whistleblowers

Congress proposes civil remedies for antitrust whistleblowers subjected to retaliation for exposing criminal anti-competitive conduct.

The Long Reach of Whistleblower Laws

Statutes like the False Claims Act and state whistleblower laws cover a wide range of fraudulent behavior

As Fraud Fight Heats Up, Efforts to Protect The Whistleblower Increases

New study reveals widespread fraud and workplace retaliation for those calling attention to fraud and other improper behavior.

Dallas Labor and Employment Lawyer Discusses Labor Day

/ 09/04/2012 As Americans stumble back into their offices after a long holiday weekend spent picnicking, boating, and having fun, Dallas labor and employment lawyer Keith Clouse directs them to the Department of Labor’s webpage regarding Labor Day 2012. There, readers will be able to learn more about the history of this American holiday.   […]