Iowa Mesothelioma civil suit – Tort Reform Varies by State

Tort reform and asbestos/mesothelioma cases. Mesothelioma is a cancer that usually attacks the protective covering of the lungs or heart. While several states have passed laws that limit non-economic damage awards, some states have not. The suit claims that the defendants should have anticipated and prevented the asbestos exposure.

Supreme Court rules States cannot add to FDA regulations says Henry Greenspan, Ph.D wishes to correct the story entitled, “Supreme Court rules States cannot add to FDA regulations,” which was posted on July 27, 2008. We thank Dr. Henry Greenspan, Ph.D, of Integrative Medicine, University of Michigan who gave us timely correction to this news. In fact, the Supreme Court, which is currently in recess, will not […]

Law signed to mandate video game ratings New York

New York City, New York ( — A law was signed recently according to which will mandate that all video games sold in the state of New York will require a clear label rating for possible violent content. The human rights groups went on to criticize the law as they feel the mandate goes against […]

U.S. racketeering law tested

Milwaukee, Wisconsin ( — Russian authorities are eagerly hoping to create legal history with the application of an American racketeering act in a court in Moscow as they look to recover billions of dollars in damages made by the Bank of New York Mellon. Hearings will be resumed on July 28th in the lawsuit of […]

Ethics law violated by aides of Spitzer

Norfolk, Virginia ( — Four officials of the Spitzer administration dishonored the ethics law of the state as they used the State Police to collect travel documents from Joseph L. Bruno. Bruno, the then-majority leader of the State Senate, was targeted as the culprits wished to tarnish the leader. This was mentioned in a report […]