Asbestos Lawsuits: Characteristics of asbestos lawsuits displayed in W. Va case

Eighty-one defendants named in West Virginia asbestos lawsuit, reports mesothelioma lawyers Cooney and Conway.

Mesothelioma News: Mesothelioma Victim Sues 95 Companies

A man suffering from Mesothelioma sued 95 companies, reports the law offices of Cooney and Conway.

Cranberry PA lawsuit dismissed, reinstated: Rape victim claims wrongful arrest

Pennsylvania civil rights attorney alert: Woman who was robbed, raped in 2004 filed wrongful arrest lawsuit after cop charged her with falsely reporting crime.

West New York NJ political battle leads to defamation of character lawsuit

New Jersey personal injury attorney news: Dr. Felix Rogue files defamation of character lawsuit against Mayor Sal Vega.