NFM, Inc. opens new branch in Eugene, OR.

NFM, Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of a new branch in Eugene, OR. The new branch will focus its lending platform in all of Eugene and Lane County.

Payday Express remains strict on fraud

The Fraud Liaison Team at short-term loans provider Payday Express has spoken out to warn potential fraudsters

Payday Loans Provider Payday Express Ups The Tempo In The Fight Against Identity Fraud

UNITED KINGDOM – ( Online quick cash loans provider Payday Express has recently stepped up efforts to combat online fraud and identity theft by bolstering current fraud prevention procedures with the appointment of Daniel Ibrahim as its online fraud manager. As one of the leading online payday loans providers in the UK, Payday Express moved […]

Payday Loans Specialist Demonstrate Continued Success in the Battle Against Identity Fraud Express

Payday Loan Company, Payday Express continue to help thin the number of identity fraudsters operating online with successful fraud prevention and prosecution. Payday Express, one of the UK’s leading Payday Loans specialists maintains continued success in the war against online identity theft and fraud thanks to their steps taken to help prevent and prosecute cases […]