eBay traders can now move stock from Shanghai to London as easily as from London to Manchester

Headland Freight Services Ltd, a sister company of Parcel2Go, is providing small traders in the UK with a new, cost effective way to ship from the Far East. Parcel2Go is the largest online parcel delivery company in the UK and has 400,000 eBay traders on its database. “We figured that all these eBayers would need […]

Freightwatchers.net and Unigroup Worldwide Team-Up To Provide Total Transporation Solution

St. Louis – UniGroup Worldwide, a leading transportation company has signed an agreement with St. Louis based Freight Watchers, Inc., an advanced freight management system, and one of the oldest logistics providers in the US., allowing Freight Watchers to negotiate low rates on behalf of brokerage operations of UniGroup Worldwide’s subsidiaries. This new partnership will […]