How has asbestos affected professionals like dentists and artists?

Jewelers, dentists, artists and art students may have been exposed to asbestos through lost-wax casting, say mesothelioma lawyers.

Pittsburgh Air Pollution Linked to Disease

Pittsburgh, PA – ( A 12-month Pittsburgh Post Gazette review and analysis of the state’s Department of Health (PA DOH) mortality statistics has shown that 14,636 more individuals died from lung cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease (during the period 2000 to 2008) than national mortality rates for said diseases suggest is normal, or average. […]

Mesothelioma Update: Massachusetts Project Cost Doubles As More Asbestos Found

Quincy Massachusetts, (Mesothelioma News) The cost of a demolition project in Quincy, Mass.-part of a multimillion-dollar plan to construct a new concourse road through the city’s downtown-will more than double after greater-than-expected amounts of asbestos were found on the site. While Quincy will delay the project until all of the cancer-causing material is safely removed, […]