CA Maritime Accident Lawyer: Charity Sailboat Trip Kills 2 in San Diego Bay

Bay Area admiralty and maritime accident attorney Mary Alexander reports, two people were killed when a sailboat capsized while on a charity boat trip.

San Francisco Bus Crash Attorney: 23 Hurt, 1 Dead in Church Bus Crash on Hwy 189

San Francisco auto accident attorney Mary Alexander reports a church bus lost control, hit another vehicle and drove down an embankment, injuring 23 people.

Napa Child Sex Abuse: Former mental hospital director found guilty of sex crimes

A former California state mental hospital director was found guilty of 31 counts of sex crimes, reports San Francisco child sex abuse attorney Mary Alexander.

Bay Area injury lawyer: 5 Muni Light-Rail Cars Derail in Less Than 1 Week

San Francisco vehicle accident attorney Mary Alexander reports SFMTA urged to make improvements to trackway after five Muni Light-Rail cars derailed.

Bay Area Injury Lawyer: Man ejected, hit by SUV on Hwy. 17; Only suffers a cut

Bay Area auto accident attorney Mary Alexander reports a man walked away from an accident, in which he was ejected from the vehicle.