The Secret Mission Of The Serpent

Recently the famous Russian model-actress Gia Skova made her directorial debut, and played a great role in The Serpent, an action and spy thriller

Anita Leeman Rising Starlet in Hollywood!

Anita Leeman as an actress with one of the hottest smiles in the industry. Having a natural feel for dance she began training in all different styles.

Is Hollywood ready to take this stunning beauty with brains?

Gina Von Lach is a beautiful and talented actress, entrepreneur and activist against domestic violence.

Exploretalent.Com Continues To Improve

Explore Talent has been making great strides in opening up the entertainment world to talented new performers. To ensure they offer only the best service to their members, Explore Talent is about to launch two new products in order to extend its role as a leader in the talent industry. In January 2010, Explore Talent […]