Two Queens Men in Critical Condition after Crash with SUV

Two men were seriously injured when struck by an intoxicated driver in an SUV running a red light, explains NY motorcycle accident lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter.

Brooklyn injury attorney: Two-car crash results in serious injuries of 1

An off duty officer’s vehicle was catapulted off the BQE after it was struck by another vehicle, explains New York City auto accident lawyer JC Reiter.

Manhattan aviation attorney: 2nd death in East River Chopper Crash

/ C Reiter/ 11/14/2011 On Sunday, November 6, 2011, the third passenger of an October helicopter crash in the East River died, according to information received by Manhattan aviation attorney, Jonathan C Reiter. Harriet Nicholson, 60, suffered from a near-drowning experience after the October helicopter crash, which eventually caused her death. As New York City […]