Should Your Business Utilize Non-Compete Agreements?

July 16, 2012

/ 07/14/2012 Dallas, Texas non-compete attorney Keith Clouse both drafts non-compete agreements and litigates disputes over non-compete agreements for his corporate clients. He notes that some businesses fail to protect their assets with non-compete agreements. He offers the following reasons why a company should consider entering into non-compete agreements with key employees.   Entering into […]

Dallas, Texas Non-Compete Lawyer Discusses Reformation of Non-Compete Agreements

July 9, 2012

/ 07/08/2012 Dallas, Texas non-compete lawyer Keith Clouse both drafts non-compete agreements and litigates disputes over alleged breaches of non-compete agreements. He notes that, in Texas, these agreements must meet certain legal standards to be enforced. If a non-compete provision does not satisfy those standards, a court must reform the agreement and enforce it as […]

Dallas, Texas Employment Attorney Discusses the Ideal Non-Compete Agreement

May 27, 2012

/ 05/26/2012 Dallas, Texas employment attorney Keith Clouse drafts non-compete agreements for both senior executives and employers. In his twenty years of practicing employment law, he has seen all sorts of non-compete agreements. In some cases, it seemed the employers sought to punish executives for even thinking about leaving. A typical onerous non-competition agreement restricted […]

Addressing Employers’ Privacy Concerns in Non-Compete Litigation

April 24, 2012

/ 04/22/2012 Dallas non-compete lawyer Keith Clouse litigates disputes over non-compete agreements and the wrongful use of trade secrets. By nature, these cases involve the disclosure of a company’s confidential information; a fact finder often cannot resolve factual issues without reviewing sensitive documents.   Judges often sign protective orders to help parties protect confidential information. […]

Executives Moving to Texas Should Ask a Texas Employment Lawyer to Explain Texas Non-Compete Law

February 18, 2012

/ 02/18/2012 Texas non-compete lawyer Keith Clouse not only negotiates non-compete agreements for executives entering into employment relationships, but he also litigates disputes over these agreements when executives leave employers. In some cases, these disputes involve misunderstandings about Texas non-compete law. Therefore, Mr. Clouse cautions an executive who is asked to sign a non-compete agreement […]

Understanding the “Minor” Provisions in an Employment Agreement

December 10, 2010

/ 12/10/2010 Being savvy business people, executives usually know what key provisions to look for in employment agreements, such as the compensation and non-compete terms.  But employment agreements usually contain other provisions that may appear to be minor, boilerplate terms.  An executive should understand these terms and how they could impact the employment relationship before […]

Dallas Non-Compete Attorney Keith Clouse Notes that Declaratory Judgment Actions Over Non-Compete Agreements May Benefit Former Employees

May 9, 2010

Dallas non-compete lawyer Keith Clouse believes that, in some cases, an individual who entered into a non-compete agreement with a former employer may benefit by filing a declaratory judgment action and asking a judge to rule on the applicability of the non-compete agreement. In a declaratory judgment action, a judge can establish the enforceability of […]

Employers Must Give Employee Adequate Consideration to Support Non-Compete Agreements

March 16, 2010

/ 03/16/2010 A non-compete agreement forbids an employee from competing with an employer post-employment.  But, cautions Dallas non-compete attorney Keith Clouse, an employer must provide adequate consideration to the employee for the contract to be enforceable. In Texas, the consideration given by an employer must give rise to the employer’s interest in restraining the employee […]

Non-Compete in Employment Law: By Texas Employment Attorney Keith Clouse, Dallas

May 16, 2009

Considerations When Hiring an Employee with a Non-Compete Agreement with a Former Employer Dallas, Texas ( — Many employers seek to prevent employees from competing against them in the future by requiring them to enter into non-compete agreements. A non-compete agreement typically restricts a person from engaging in a competing business with a former employer […]

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