Desk Jobs Could be Helping You Pack on the Pounds, Driving Obesity Issue

Sitting down all day at work and eating unhealthy are two of the reasons Americans are getting so fat.

Study: Obsiety Link Found in Prolonged Bottle Feeding

A recent study suggested that babies who are still drinking from a bottle at 2 years of age may be prone to obesity by the time they turn 5-years-old.

Debate: Should a “Fat Tax” be Imposed on Obese People?

The debate continues on whether health care companies should tax people for being overweight.

Study: Patients are not being told they’re overweight by their doctor

A recent study showed that doctors are not giving their heavy patients a reality check, by telling them they are overweight.

Study: Stroke rates rising for young adults, teens

While stroke hospitalizations are rising in young adults, they are dropping for older men and women.

New York seeks ban on food stamp purchases of sugary drinks

The state’s governor and NYC mayor are seeking to have the purchase of sugary beverages prohibited with food stamps.