Don’t Bore Reader With Facts, Tell A Story With Your Press Release

Anyone can write a press release but it takes a skilled penman to craft a news release into a captivating story Dallas, TX ( With all the eye catching media circulation the internet today, the age old press release distribution process has been forced to adapt to keep the attention of readers. Gone are the […]

Employment Law Firm of Keith Clouse Discusses Inclement Weather Policies

01/27/2010 While Texans usually enjoy mild winters, each year seems to bring one or two bad storms.  How should employers prepare for these inevitable “snow days?”  Keith Clouse, a Dallas lawyer who is board certified in employment law, advises employers to draft inclement weather policies to be included in company handbooks. A company should draft […]

Over 350 website list released for increasing web traffic for free

MINNEAPOLIS, ( — JAN. 17, 2010 – – Internet Marketing Services reports that Press Release Submission is a great way to get free website traffic for websites. Until now, lists have consisted of non-working websites, websites which actually sell something but don’t offer submissions mixed in with a few quality websites. Internet Marketing Services has […]

Texas Employment Lawyer Keith Clouse Notes Key Issues an Employee Should Consider when Facing a Lay-Off

Unfortunately, lay-offs in Texas continue to occur at an alarming rate. Keith Clouse, a Texas employment law attorney, suggests that an employee facing a lay-off consult with an attorney who practices employment law. An employment law attorney can help an individual sort through issues such as: • Discrimination claims: While most employers reserve the right to […]

EPA Launches National Radon Action Month

Radon Causes 100 Times More Deaths than Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – EPA Launches National Radon Action Month Lansing, MI – December 9, 2008 — Jamey J. Gelina, President of Air Quality Control, the Nation’s largest radon gas mitigation and engineering agency is reminding the media that National Radon Action Monthis quickly approaching. Updated press releases […]