Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Reverses Summary Judgment in Employment Discrimination/Retaliation Matter

/ 08/25/2012 A plaintiff claimed his employer discriminated against him because of his non-Japanese origin and retaliated against him when he complained about the discrimination. The district court granted summary judgment for the employer, but the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed that determination. Schirle v. Sokudo USA, L.L.C., et al., No. 11-10788 (5th Cir. […]

Employment Law News: Fifth Circuit Affirms Summary Judgment for Employer

/ 04/04/2010 The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed summary judgment for an employer in a discrimination case.  Jackson v. Cal-W. Packaging Corp., No. 09-20411 (5th Cir. March 2, 2010), available at The plaintiff sued his former employer for age discrimination after allegedly being fired for non-compliance with the company’s sexual harassment policy.  […]

Discovery Matters in Lawsuits over Employment Law Issues Says Keith Clouse – Employment lawyer — Employment Lawyers Press Release — Employers and employees may find themselves in litigation with one another over a breach of contract issue, the breach of a non-compete agreement, or a discrimination or retaliation matter.  Sometimes, the parties can resolve their differences easily.  But if the parties are not able to resolve the case […]

Workers Protected from Job Discrimination in Retaliation Investigations

Court makes ruling that workers cooperating with retaliation investigations of employers are protected from job discrimination. Wired PR – The Supreme Court has made a ruling that workers who’ve cooperated with retaliation investigations against employers have federal legal protection from job discrimination. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the Court ruled in favor […]

United States Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Employee on Retaliation Issue

Dallas, Texas ( — The United States Supreme Court recently ruled that an employee can pursue an action against his employer for retaliating against him for complaining under 42 U.S.C. § 1981. CBOCS West, Inc., v. Humphries, 553 U.S. __ (2008). Hedrick Humphries worked as an assistant manager at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. He alleged […]