The Co-Operative Group Invest To Help Keep Youngsters Safe And Out Of Trouble

The Co-operative Group has recently opened a new Co-operative Food branch, but with a difference. The store that has recently been unveiled in Rotherham will not have any permanent staff and will not actually be selling any produce. The Co-operative Food branch is actually the latest addition to the Lifewise Centre in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, […]

Brain cancer, cell phone link study findings inconclusive

Recent findings of an international study pertaining to a link between brain cancer and cell phone use were shown to be inconclusive. Recent findings of a study regarding a possible link between cell phone use and brain cancer were inconclusive. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), researchers of the international study found that most […]

Criticism over asbestos work safety

Two companies have been criticized over asbestos work. (UK) Two companies have received criticism over asbestos work safety. As reported by the BBC News, an industrial tribunal has been told that employees of Bridgeline Environmental Services (BES) and Bridgeline Demolition Limited (BDL) performed work at a factory that was contaminated with asbestos without necessary safety […]

Asbestos demolition project halted after violation warning

Mesothelioma Cancer News provides news and information for Detroit asbestos attorneys. Detroit (Mesothelioma Cancer News) – Demolition plans for 3,000 buildings in Detroit have been halted due to law violation warnings related to the project. As reported by The Detroit Free Press, the state Department of Natural Resources and Environment has alleged that the city […]