New Product Could Help Beef Producers Eradicate Salmonella & E Coli

Miami, Florida ( A new product available from EnviroGreen Global Solutions, Inc. could help U.S. producers of beef eradicate salmonella, e. coli and other bacterial pathogens from the production process and thus begin to repair strained relations with key importers such as Russia and Taiwan, according to EGS Chief Operational Officer Dr. David Rakofsky. “Providing […]

Peanut Corp Plant Ordered to Recall All Products

A Texas based plant has been ordered to recall every product they have ever shipped. Wired PR – In a shocking move, officials have ordered that all products in a Texas based peanut plant be recalled. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the Texas based Peanut Corp. of America plant, located in the […]

Salmonella outbreak in 9 states due to Roma tomatoes

Atlanta, Georgia ( — Just when it appears that the preparation and consumption of chicken had to be closely monitored to avoid any contamination or infection of salmonella, it seems the produce aisle has been struck with the sickness as well. A breaking report by the Associated Press as per health officials at the U.S. […]