Small Law Firm Marketing on Any Budget

Lawyer marketing firm CEPAC gives marketing advice to legal professionals seeking to promote their services on a limited budget.

Online Printing Company Asks: Will Your Customers Remember You?

Print Pelican discusses the benefits of self promotion in printing. May 13, 2010 – Someone once said that it is the duty of companies to ensure that their customers are not given an opportunity to forget them. Online printing company Print Pelican is helping companies and organizations fulfill this duty by presenting them with an […]

Should Lawyers Blog? Find your anwers from internet marketing for lawyers company

If you are like a growing number of today’s in-the-know attorneys, then you have probably given strong consideration to blogging. If you have not, then perhaps after reading further, you will give it some thought, as there are now several thousand law blogs and the number is increasing very quickly. This increase is not because […]