MindStir Media and #1 Website for Christian Writers Partner to Publish New Book

March 24, 2014

Self-publishing company MindStir Media and Faithwriters.com have partnered to publish a book to bring hope to Christians and non-Christians alike.

MindStir Media Publishes B.F. Moriarty’s Novel On Abuse And Overcoming It

July 14, 2013

B.F. Moriarty’s book, Fireweed, follows five women as they help one another overcome the crippling effects of their trauma.

Arbor Books: Six Reasons the Anti-Self-Publishing Movement Is Dead

June 7, 2011

New York, NY (WiredPRNews.com) Is the new world order in publishing leaving the old guard behind? Many industry experts seem to think so, though there are those on the periphery who persist in trying to stop one of publishing’s greatest movements: the hundreds of thousands of independent, self-published authors. First some background. There is no […]

Ghostwriters Find Success With the Wealthy

July 3, 2010

(New York, NY)–Though their names are usually nowhere near the covers of the books they write, ghostwriters are finding acclaim amid the more affluent circles of society as more wealthy clientele seek the prestige that a book can create. “As wealthy clients look for innovative and lasting ways to build their brands, they’re looking more […]

Best Selling Authors Discuss How to Write a Book That Sells

April 9, 2010

Profitable Social Media radio special edition for authors this Friday at 10pm Eastern will feature 3 authors who have best selling books, discussing the process they use to create high quality content that readers want when they write a book that sells. How to Write a Book That Sells will be hosted by Book Marketing […]

Arbor Books Picks 2009 Holiday Favorites

December 23, 2009

(New York, NY) Independently published books are filling a much-needed role as affordable gifts this year, but which ones should you buy? Arbor Books (www.arborbooks.com), a backbone of the independent publishing movement for more than a decade, has compiled a list of some of its favorite titles to help consumers get right to the good […]

BookProposalWriting.com Helps Frustrated Book Authors Sell their Non-Fiction Book Ideas

April 28, 2009

A group of local book authors has donated their time and wisdom to launch BookProposalWriting.com (http://www.bookproposalwriting.com), a new website to help aspiring authors sell their book ideas to book publishers for a six-figure advance. The book publishing industry holds a closely-guarded secret to getting published by a major book publisher — the secret is writing […]

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