How the Price of Gold Jewelry is Determined

Roslyn Heights, NY ( Many people who sell gold in Roslyn Heights and online wonder how the price of the precious metal is determined. Well the process is actually rather complex and does not have as much to do with the prices you see in the newspapers and online news sources as you might think. […]

Do not Get into a Rush to Sell Your Gold

New York, NY ( If you want to get the best price possible when you sell your gold in Astoria NY, don’t be in a rush. People who charge out and sell their valuables at the first place they go to will often receive a much lower price. You should definitely take your time when […]

Leading NY Gold Buyer Claims Gold Is Safe Haven In Economic Crises

Hewlett, NY ( Among precious metals, gold has been the leading investment for centuries. Indeed, in spite of economic shifts and downturns, the leading NY gold buyer claims that gold remains a safe haven against economic, political and social crisis. The price of gold, like anything else, is driven by supply and demand but also […]