Should an Employer Require a Terminated Employee to Sign a Release at the Termination Meeting?

/ 04/06/2012 How an employer handles a termination can significantly impact future dealings with the terminated employee. Therefore, before terminating an employee, an employer must address certain concerns, such as whether all termination policies have been followed, how to handle the employee’s last moments on the job, and whether a difficult situation warrants a call […]

Special Consideration Must Be Given When Drafting Separation Agreements for Employees Who Are Over 40 Years Old

/ 09/25/2011 Employers may ask departing employees to sign separation agreements. In a typical separation agreement, the employer agrees to provide additional compensation to the employee and the employee agrees not to sue the employer on any existing claims. According to Dallas employment law attorney Keith Clouse, an employer must carefully draft a separation agreement […]

Employment Law Issue: Reference Letter as a Condition of a Settlement Agreement or a Separation Agreement

/ 02/12/2011 Certain situations may lead a former employee to ask an employer for a reference letter.  These requests frequently occur when parties settle an employment-related lawsuit or when parties negotiate a separation agreement.  How should an employer respond to these requests?  At a basic level, the employer most likely should respond to these requests […]