Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules on FLSA Issue Involving Settlement

/ 08/11/2012 The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled on an issue regarding the Fair Labor Standards Act. Martin, et al. v. Spring Break ‘83 Prods., L.L.C., et al. No. 11-30671 (5th Cir. July 24, 2012), available at   A union representing workers involved in the production of a movie signed a settlement […]

Employment Law Issue: Reference Letter as a Condition of a Settlement Agreement or a Separation Agreement

/ 02/12/2011 Certain situations may lead a former employee to ask an employer for a reference letter.  These requests frequently occur when parties settle an employment-related lawsuit or when parties negotiate a separation agreement.  How should an employer respond to these requests?  At a basic level, the employer most likely should respond to these requests […]

When an Employer and an Employee Settle an Employment-Related Dispute, What is Included in the Settlement Agreement?

/ 10/31/2010 Employers and employees may find themselves in disputes with one another.  Quite often, these disputes can be resolved via mediation or settlement negotiations between attorneys.  If so, the parties usually enter into settlement agreements.  But what terms does a settlement agreement between an employer and an employee typically contain? Arguably, the two most […]