New York, Prepare to Sip Siamroot

June 7, 2012

With her sexy, wild hair and unique, almost eerie, vocal style, New York will be the first to taste the dark, idiosyncratic Kate Borkowski.

Borkowski’s ‘Siamroot’ Echoes as a Contemporary James Bond Theme Song

July 8, 2011

Seattle, WA ( ‘Siamroot’, a song penned by Kate Borkowski as a dedication to Tori Amos, echoes the sound of a contemporary James Bond theme song. Borkowski’s ‘Siamroot’ has a smooth, sensual and captivating sound with an enigmatic and irresistible groove spiced with a rhythm switch, shaken but not stirred. Kate recently moved into infiltrator […]

Kate Borkowski dedicates ‘Siamroot’ to Tori Amos

May 17, 2011

South Bend, IN ( On her upcoming debut album, Kate Borkowski dedicates “Siamroot” (which is an anagram of Amos’ name) to Tori Amos. In “Siamroot”, Borkowski investigates the cyclical nature of a volatile relationship and an almost Absinthian retreat from life into the landscape of Amos’ songs. With its dark, idiosyncratic, moody feel and bewitching […]

Seattle’s Kate Borkowski Sips with Tori Amos

May 10, 2011

Seattle, WA ( After reaching out to Tori Amos’ mixing engineer Marcel van Limbeek in London, Seattle singer/songwriter, Kate Borkowski, found herself literally staying at Tori Amos’ residence and recording additional vocals and piano (on Tori’s Bosendorfer) at Martian Engineering in Cornwall, England. Kate masterly wrote all of the tracks on her debut album ‘Beautiful […]

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