NoCo Gold & Diamond Aids Non-Profits through Gold Parties Fundraisers

NoCo Gold & Diamond, a leader in the jewelery buyers industry, is now offering Gold Parties Fundraisers to raise cash for gold for your favorite non-profit.

Gold Breaks $1,600 Per Ounce

Phoenix, AZ ( History was made today in the trading market. Gold reached an all time high of $1604.70 per ounce from its low of $1478.30 at the beginning of July. That’s an increase of $126.40 in just a couple of weeks. One might ask, what is sparking this increase? Due to the current situation […]

Shaffer-Lienhard Outlook 2011: Palladium’s Strength To Endure For Another Year

Shaffer-Lienhard’s analysts have prepared a series of stories which examine what is in store for 2011 Kowloon, Hong Kong ( Precious and base metals hit record highs in 2010, as economic uncertainty rattled around the globe. What does 2011 hold for gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper and other metals? Shaffer-Lienhard’s analysts have prepared a series […]

Shaffer-Lienhard Silver Forecast for 2011

Shaffer-Lienhard’s researches, conducted in February 2010 had various gold and silver predictions. Kowloon, Hong Kong ( To forecast spot silver prices for 2011 one needs to consider large economic trends, interest rates, gold prices, and international politics. With historical silver prices in 2010 oscillating between $15 and $30 per ounce, what could happen to future […]