High Dose Rate Electronic Radiation Skin Cancer Treatment Now Available in US

California Skin Institute becomes the first dermatology practice in the United States to perform high dose rate electronic brachytherapy as of January 20, 2012.

Protect Yourself This Summer: 5 Facial Sunscreens That Work

Don’t damage your skin this summer, use these facial sunscreens to help protect yourself in the summer sun.

Study: Wealthy white women at higher risk for Melanoma

A recent study showed that wealthy while women and adolescents are more prone to Melanoma.

Extended driving linked to skin cancer

Extended driving has been suggested to possibly increase the risks of skin cancer. A new study suggests that extended driving may be a risk factor for skin cancer as reported by LiveScience.com. Study researcher Dr. Scott Fosko, chair of dermatology at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, is quoted in the report as stating of […]

Too few skin cancer screenings for middle aged

A recent study suggests too few people aged 50 and over are getting skin cancer screenings. A new survey suggests people at a higher risk for the development of skin cancer are not being screened at recommended rates. As reported by HealthDay News, the study shows that too few white Americans age 50 and over […]