A New Book Reveals The Potemkin Villages Of Small Business

November 8, 2011

Potemkin, Inc. A controversial and original adaptation of the Potemkin villages to modern Start-Ups, based on true, entertaining, and funny stories

Savvy Self-Employed Seek Little-Known Tax Benefits Within The Solo 401k

November 24, 2009

Denver, Colorado (WiredPRNews.com) – The Solo 401k is designed for the self-employed and offers powerful features not found in traditional 401k or IRA retirement plans. The Solo 401k offers unique tax benefits to those who open an account before the New Year. The clock is ticking for taxpayers to secure their end-of-the year tax breaks […]

One in Two Recruitment Consultants Not Covered For Professional Mistakes

November 19, 2009

LONDON, 18th NOVEMBER 2009 – 54 per cent of recruitment consultants and 36 per cent of personnel consultants are not covered for losses rising from professional mistakes or oversights, according to data from Coverzones, the business insurance comparison and policy management site, which has analysed a sample of 4,500 requests for insurance quotes between April […]

Technology Alignment, Inc. releases the VTC 25 in a green format

September 1, 2009

Nampa, ID; August 1, 2009: Technology Alignment, Inc., a global provider of world class solutions, announced the addition of the VoIPTelCaster VTC 25 aimed at the small office and home office. The new device now part of the green VTC PBX series using only 60 watts of power at maximum load. The new IP PBX […]

Sunwest Trust Inc Now Offers Individual 401k Services And Is On Pace For Another Record Breaking Year

July 29, 2009

 Sunwest Trust, Inc. (www.SunwestTrust.com) over their 22-year history has been known for their diverse business interests. Sunwest Trust has offered the self directed IRA for years as one of their primary self directed products for individuals looking to truly diversify their investment portfolio on their own. Now Sunwest Trust offers their latest product, the Individual […]

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