Laptop Caper Steals to Check Facebook

A man steals a laptop at Starbucks to get on Facebook. Facebook is a popular social networking website. – A man attempted to steal a laptop computer in order to check his Facebook page. As reported by the, the 19 year old snatched the laptop in a Starbucks from a customer after he […]

Unemployment Benefits at 25 Year High

Labor Department reports say unemployment benefit distribution is at 25 year high. Wired PR – In reports released by the US Labor Department on Thursday, the number of unemployment benefits received in the country is said to be at a 25 year high. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the Department stated that […]

Starbucks reports lower profits matching lower predictions, seems like a Grande Bean Issue!

Seattle, Washington ( — Prominent coffee house giant, Starbucks, has reported that the company’s profits have plummeted by 28% in the second quarter of 2008. The nationwide chain has commented that the drop in profits has resulted from CEO Howard Schultz’s effort to alter the performance of the company which affected the profits severely. Schultz […]