What if Peggy Is a Terrorist?

Peggy doesn’t need a Stuxnet virus or any special skills to attack the global financial system.

Medical Staff of Closed St. Vincent’s Hospital Reeling at News of Sunday Times Square Bomb Scare

New York, NY — May 3, 2010 — The medical staff of the boarded St. Vincent’s Hospital is expressing shock as news of Saturday’s Times Square near-miss bomb scare arrived only hours after the 160 year-old hospital’s Level 1 Trauma Center was sealed for the last time. As in the 1993 bombing of the World […]

Arkansas Medical Board Head Car Bombed

The head of the Arkansas Medical Board was critically injured after a car bomb went off in his driveway. Wired PR News.com – The head of the Arkansas State Medical Board sustained serious injuries after a car bomb was detonated while he was on his way to work. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), […]