Dallas Employment Law Attorney Keith Clouse Believes Treating Employees with Respect Leads to Fewer Employment Lawsuits

/cdklawyers.com// 08/01/2010 Keith Clouse, a Dallas attorney who advises employers on employment-related issues, believes that an employer can minimize its exposure to employment lawsuits by simply treating its employees fairly and with respect during the termination process.  A terminated employee who feels humiliated and mistreated is far more likely to sue a former employer than […]

Texas Employment Lawyer Keith Clouse Notes Key Issues an Employee Should Consider when Facing a Lay-Off

Unfortunately, lay-offs in Texas continue to occur at an alarming rate. Keith Clouse, a Texas employment law attorney, suggests that an employee facing a lay-off consult with an attorney who practices employment law. An employment law attorney can help an individual sort through issues such as: • Discrimination claims: While most employers reserve the right to […]