The Plethora Group Searches For It’s Next Star…Is It You? Press Release — New York, NY – After viewing several reality shows pertaining to finding the best rock star employees in the market, The Plethora Group has put together it’s own “Next Star” search. The quest will begin with everyday folks creating a 90 second video of themselves, and discussing the reasons they have […]

China City Approves Internet Posting Law

Web users in China City can no longer legally publish private information online. Wired PR – A new law has been approved for a city in China outlawing the posting of information pertaining to officials online. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the law is said to make publishing private information on the […]

Web Designers Purposely Trash Client Site

Web designers face jail time after purposely destroying the website of a client. Wired PR – Web designers from a Seattle-area consulting company have pleaded guilty to purposely destroying the website of a client after a dispute over their contract. As reported by PC World, CEO of Minecode, Pradyumma Samal and project manager Dandeep […]

Should Lawyers Blog? Find your anwers from internet marketing for lawyers company

If you are like a growing number of today’s in-the-know attorneys, then you have probably given strong consideration to blogging. If you have not, then perhaps after reading further, you will give it some thought, as there are now several thousand law blogs and the number is increasing very quickly. This increase is not because […]