Structuring Commercial Real Estate Transactions for Unique Investor Needs

West Palm Beach commercial office / real estate agent Edward Kearney offers advice for commercial real estate investors. March 26, 2010 – (Press Release) The unique needs of every commercial real estate investor warrants advice or effective solutions that are specially tailored to ensure the maximum possible return on their investments. In structuring transactions in […]

Commercial Real Estate Industry Optimism Increases says Florida commercial real estate broker Edward Kearney

Recent reports show optimism within the market is steadily growing. Florida commercial real estate broker Edward Kearney discusses possible reasons why. March 10, 2010 – Reports that optimism has increased within the commercial real estate industry have recently surfaced despite the release of national data that paints a less positive outlook. West Palm Beach real […]

Edward Kearney Palm Beach commercial real estate market report

The collapse of the commercial real estate market has been forecast so many times in the media that anything but an implosion would be a disappointment to some investors, says Edward Kearney, managing partner of Kearney Commercial Realty Inc./Sperry Van Ness. But that thinking ignores the cyclical nature of real estate. “No one knows whether […]

Commercial Realtor Advises Landlords on Recession Fueled Rent Reductions

With consumer spending and business investment still weak, a higher number of commercial property tenants are requesting rent reductions from the landlords. Their argument is that they can no longer afford to pay the per-square-foot prices that were in effect a year or two years ago. Some tenants are threatening to vacate their space when […]

South Florida Real Estate Broker Ed Kearney advises owners of commercial real estate

West Palm Beach, (Wired PR News) — Landlords should thoroughly research tenants before signing a lease, says Ed Kearney of the Florida commercial real estate brokerage firm Kearney Commercial Realty/Sperry Van Ness. The due diligence could save money and avoid potential legal and financial problems. “I am sounding a loud note of warning because I […]

Florida luxury linens retailer – Pioneer Linens one of the oldest pioneers still standing in Palm Beach

West Palm Beach, Florida ( — This year marks Palm Beach County’s centennial and the party in scenic and chic South Florida is about to get started. Over the last 100 years, Palm Beach has flourished into one of the country’s main attractions as population booms and tourists continue to flock to the cool waters […]

Kearney Commercial Realty Your guide to the South Florida commercial real estate market

The South Florida commercial real estate market is going through tremendous changes. This is creating opportunities for real estate investors from all over the country to take advantage of the some of the most affordable prices in more than a decade. The outlook for Florida commercial real estate is sunny in the long term. The […]