Wii Codes – Mod Chips – Simple Install DriveKey Modchip

Computer, video gamers mods and mod chips. Whether it’s a Nintendo Wii, an Xbox or Nintendo Wii Modchip they cannot leave well enough alone and want to go one or even more steps further. Are these gamers more competitive than others or is just their nature. I was personally curious to see if the new […]

DriveKey Wii Modchip – 100 % Solderless Modchips Review

WiredPRNews.com — This is a review of the solderless and no clip Nintendo Wii Modchip. I’m personally curious to see if it lives up the crazy hype. The drive key is the 4th generation chip to go retail and is the only solution for d3 DVD rom drives. The chip works like this; you open […]

Nintendo ‘Wii’

Dallas, (WiredPRNews.Com) — Sometime last year Nintendo released their new video game console, the ‘Wii’ which is a video game console that uses a wireless controller to play whichever game you are playing. From even before it was released the ‘Wii’ became an instant hit and Nintendo supporters and even some Sony Playstation and Microsoft […]