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13 Black Friday Best Deals on Google Devices (2021): Pixel, Nest and more

Nest Hub

Photo: Google

Goal, The best purchase, Bed Bath & Beyond

Smart screens are very similar to smart speakers in that they have many of the same functions, but as you might think, they have a screen. It is helpful when you request a weather report, as an example, because you will be able to see all the details. This model is small enough to be useful for a bedside table or kitchen table (and there is no camera). It can also track your sleep, even when the feature was in beta we tested it and it was not very smooth.

Goal, The best purchase, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart

The advantage of having it in a camera smart screen is that you can make video calls with friends and family. Nest Hub in Max (8/10, WIRED Recommends), Works through the Google Duo app. This screen has better speakers than the siblings above, and a larger screen that makes it more enjoyable to follow recipes, and if you ever need to pause the alarm, timer, or song, show it weakly, if you’re included. kitchen and you do not want to touch the screen.

Offers for smart homes

Nest Cam

Photo: Nest

Goal, The best purchase, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart

The new Nest Cam is in our guide The best outdoor security cameras, but it also works well on the inside. This works with the battery, so you can place it almost anywhere (within range of your Wi-Fi network), and the battery should only be charged after a month or more. When you need to upload it, simply remove it from the holder; it is magnetically bonded to prevent it from working. 1080p video quality is robust, and motion alerts are perfect. You can pay for a Nest Aware subscription ($ 6 per month) to learn faces, access 60-day event history, and more. The wired version is also on sale $ 80 significantly cheaper ($ 20 discount).

Goal, The best purchase, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart

We haven’t tested Nest Doorbell yet, but this new model adds HDR and night vision. The sun or lanterns won’t throw up the image and ruin your footage. You can receive personalized alerts for people, packages, animals, and cars, and you can ring the bell when you’re not home.

Goal, Amazon, The best purchase

We haven’t tested this model yet, but we did try and like the previous Nest Thermostats. You can control your home’s heating and cooling system from your phone and set schedules. It can remind you when you need to change the filter, and it can detect when you leave home to activate Eco mode to save energy.

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