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Book Of Remedies Review: The Truth or Scam to Survival? – Press Release


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Book Of Remedies, also known as The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies, is a survival guide that contains useful information about medicinal and edible plants and plants that are supposed to be avoided backgrounder on some of the toughest ailments around. As a guide, it teaches people the art of identifying which plants are safe to eat and what is not. It can also give street-smart information about plants that can be used for food, shelter, water, and even clothing! Therefore, this book encompasses an area of our life that we mostly take for granted, survival. In this modern-day world, we tend to be comfortable with things that we already have because of “security,” but even that can be fragile and stripped away when a calamity or an emergency happens overnight. In this Book Of Remedies review, we’ll see if this book is worth your time and if it really can give you the right knowledge to go through life’s harshest situations. Indeed, it is one thing to be offered wisdom, but it is also to be offered the truth.

Book Of Remedies Official Website: Click Here

In this review we tackle the following items:

List Of Contents

  • What Is Book Of Remedies?
  • Book Of Remedies Official Website
  • What Does Book Of Remedies Offer?
  • What Is The Content Of Book Of Remedies?
  • Is Book Of Remedies Useful?
  • How Do You Apply The Information Found In Book Of Remedies?
  • How Many Pages Does Book Of Remedies Have?
  • How Long Does It Take To Read Book Of Remedies?
  • Who Wrote Book Of Remedies?
  • Where Is Book Of Remedies Published From?
  • In Which Medium Is Book Of Remedies Published?
  • What Are The Benefits Of Reading Book Of Remedies?
  • What Are The Downsides Of Reading Book Of Remedies?
  • Related Literature To Book Of Remedies
  • How Much Does Book Of Remedies Cost?
  • Where Can You Buy Book Of Remedies?
  • Does Book Of Remedies Have A Money-Back Guarantee?
  • Book Of Remedies Reviews
  • Book Of Remedies Summary And Verdict

What Is Book Of Remedies?

Book Of Remedies is simply one of the most useful and astonishing pieces of literature that I’ve ever come across. Of course, this isn’t biased since this is an extremely honest review, but it contains some of the best general knowledge you need to know about survival. Ever wondered what you’d do if, let’s say, you’re stranded on an island? Even worse, you’re lost in the wilderness. Left without food, shelter, and ample clothing over time, you can be dead within days. Book Of Remedies can inadvertently reverse that fate by giving you the knowledge and wisdom about wild plants and their functions as food, shelter, and clothing. Think of it as an encyclopedia of sorts where you can find out which is good to be eaten and bad for your health. Indeed, going out there guessing which type of plant is good or bad for you is already a gamble on a life and death situation! With this book, you can unlock the skill of identifying plants, as well as impressing others with your newfound knowledge!

Nicole Apelian

Book Of Remedies also has a bonus. It has an index on some of the world’s most pesky illnesses. That’s right, this book isn’t just a book about herbal remedies; it’s also a book on what to do when you’re inflicted with a certain type of sickness. The illnesses are written in this book range from mild to severe cases, which would likely require you to drink up tons of medication that you would otherwise have a hard time on! This is not to say that you should ditch your prescribed medicine for these remedies, but this book is written by one of the best person to-go-to when it comes to surviving and plant knowledge, Dr. Nicole Apelian. Dr. Apelian was one of the guests in the show “Alone,” where she was forced (okay, not forced, voluntarily) to survive independently with only a knife. Of course, she had basic survival training, and she knew how to create fire, but what saved her, in the long run, is her knowledge of nature. Being so interested in how certain plants work, she became an expert on plant identification. Indeed, the plants around us have medicinal properties, capabilities to build shelter, and give us our food to snack on when we’re hungry. She survived at least two months in the wild with nothing but plants, some protein from tiny critters, and her trusty knife.

Book Of Remedies also contains tips and tricks on harnessing the power of nature to your full potential. For example, the book contains useful information on a special tincture formula that you can use if you have an autoimmune condition called Multiple Sclerosis. Besides that, there are tens and hundreds of “recipes” that you can use to make homemade herbal remedies just by using plants common on your driveway and backyard. For example, imagine knowing that cattails have anesthetic effects or that the common Broadleaf Plantain, which you may know as the “driveway plant,” is actually a useful plant that can be turned into a tea to relieve diarrhea upset the GI tract. It also contains vitamins and minerals!

Book Of Remedies is essentially what it is. The title speaks much about itself. It is a fading collection of remedies that were shrouded and “lost” in time. Native Americans back had extensive knowledge when it comes to plants. They were masters of it. They used these plants to their fullest potential, often exploiting them as bountiful food sources, sturdy materials for their homes and furniture, and even medicine for a wide variety of things such as fever, infection, pain relief, and others. Their knowledge was vast, but when the Europeans came to colonize, the knowledge about natural remedies began to fade over time as Native American populations dwindled along with it. It is extremely sad, but thanks to Dr. Apelian’s Native American heritage (yes, she has some connections with the natives!), this knowledge is being continued to be passed on at a low price in online and print media.

Book Of Remedies Official Website

Book Of Remedies official website can be accessed through this link here. Their website is quite easy to be accessed and contains ready useful information for anyone who would want to grab a copy of this book. What will get your attention the most is the video of Dr. Apelian right in the middle of the opening screen. She explains what this book is all about and why it was made in the first place. You can also see some specific book content on the video. It’s a fairly short video, so you may want to watch it first after reading this review before buying the book itself. Speaking of, you can also order your very own digital or print copy of Book Of Remedies just by scrolling down a little. You can also check out their disclaimer, privacy policy, terms and conditions, and further information at the bottom of the webpage.

What Does Book Of Remedies Offer?

Book Of Remedies offers knowledge, wisdom, and guidance to your everyday life. I know that sounds cheesy, but if you’re a person who loves gaining knowledge daily, then this book is exactly for you. We’re aware that the internet gives us some of the most useful information at the moment. We believe that it contains everything that we need to know about a certain type of thing. Interestingly, if we base what we know on the internet, we get influenced by hundreds and thousands of people from all walks of life. That means we expose ourselves to information that can be perpetrated by two people types – those who stand by the truth and those who spread lies, misinformation, and deceit. It is the advantage of print media, especially if a credible author writes it with an excellent educational background. Book Of Remedies offers some of the best and most truthful information you can have and more if you continue taking her advice by heart!

What Is The Content Of Book Of Remedies?

Book Of Remedies contains three main parts:

  • Plant Descriptions
  • Illnesses and How to Treat Them
  • Herbal Healing Recipes

Plant Descriptions

Book Of Remedies is not the lost book of herbal remedies without plant descriptions. You’ll find the most useful information on plants you may encounter in the wild, including images of what they look like. This section of the book will also tell you what they are used for, the benefits, some precautions about the plant, other details that may be useful to your survival, etc. It’s a plant catalog that you can use to differentiate what’s good and what’s bad. It shows you which plants will give you food, clothing, shelter, and even the liquids you need to survive. You wouldn’t believe how many plants we take for granted are extremely useful when the wrong times come. It will give you maximum awareness of the plants around you and give you the certain skills needed to gain something you can use when out on the hike or the great outdoors!

Illnesses And How To Treat Them

Since this is Book Of Remedies, a section for illnesses is also put into this extensive catalog of plants to easily see what herbs and plants can alleviate the illness that you’re having right now. One of the main points of this book is to pass down knowledge from the Native Americans to you. Having a whole host of natural plants that can help you alleviate multiple symptoms at once while also going for the root cause can give you the advantage that you need to break free from the side effects of certain strong medications that you take for some serious illnesses that you incur from outside pathogens and the environment.

Herbal Healing Recipes

Last but not least, Dr. Apelian put in some herbal recipes that can help you hack your way towards natural and organic healing. Dr. Apelian is proud that she has been studying plants for at least 20 years now since she’s an herbalist. Having two decades of extensive scientific background in the world of plants, Dr. Apelian has created different concoctions, recipes, and techniques in harnessing the full potential of the plants around us. Often, she makes them into powerful tinctures, which you can drop to your mouth or even make into a paste or powder for maximum effect. In some cases, Dr. Apelian has proven the effectiveness of her herbal tinctures by helping her go through the complications of multiple sclerosis.

In most cases, these herbal healing recipes listed in this book boost the immune system to keep it strong against infections, viral mutations, and other types of pathogenic incursion. However, Dr. Apelian clarifies that these recipes don’t heal the illness itself but rather make the immune system stronger. Therefore, these recipes help and indirectly heal the person from within by making their immune system extremely strong through continued use.

Is Book Of Remedies Useful?

Book Of Remedies is, without a doubt, highly useful for anyone from different walks of life. It’s a book that doesn’t discriminate whether you’re young or old. But, of course, it is far more useful if you got this book when you were younger. The truth is the time that you’re wasting in not buying this book only lengthens the time you’re ignorant of the useful things around you. Therefore, Book Of Remedies is one of the best pieces of literature that you can have. The information within this book won’t only save your life but will also give you the ample savings that you’d otherwise use when buying expensive medicine from your local pharmacies or drugstores. Who knows, your simple fever may just be alleviated by a common backyard “weed” that you thought was just fodder for your gardening tools. Even the little weeds that grow around the floor of your yard can turn out to be an anti-inflammatory agent used for asthma. There are many things you’re leaving out by not taking a look at this book. It is just as useful as encyclopedias and almanacs that we usually use back then in school!

How Do You Apply The Information Found In Book Of Remedies?

It is an interesting notion to take, but sometimes, some people just don’t understand how to apply the information found in this book. We have already told everything about Book Of Remedies, but sometimes the information found within this book won’t be used by everyone. In a stroke of luck, your immune system could act like Superman and be immune to all sorts of illnesses up to your senior years. What then could you do with the information you got from this book? For one, you could pass down the information you got from this book to your relatives and grandsons. You can also use the knowledge to create delicious and healthy recipes that involve herbs from your surroundings. Since Book Of Remedies has a digital product, you can also share it with other people around you. If you want to have an additional book for your library, you can buy the physical copy without hassle. It’s pretty simple to apply the information found in this book since you pretty much get an instructional manual on everything you need to do.

How Many Pages Does Book Of Remedies Have?

Book Of Remedies has at least 304 pages with improved paperback quality. Pages may vary on the digital side, though, but the content remains the same.

How Long Does It Take To Read Book Of Remedies?

If you’re a fairly fast reader, you can finish Book Of Remedies in around 13 hours from cover to cover without taking breaks. That means you’ll probably take at least 4 days to read the book all in all. It depends on how religiously you’ll devote your time to read the book. By all means, this book is longer than expected. Well, it’s an encyclopedia, so there’s that. A book that’s full of content can truly take time to finish!

Who Wrote Book Of Remedies?

Dr. Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis wrote Book Of Remedies, Sr. Dr. Nicole Apelian is an herbalist, scientist, author, educator, researcher, survival skills consultant, and many more. She is a highly accomplished woman in her field and has been studying plants for at least two decades. Since she had multiple sclerosis or MS last 2000, she has devoted all her learning to this book to share the wonderful knowledge passed on through the generations from the Native Americans. Meanwhile, Claude Davis, Sr. is a “wild west expert,” which means he specializes in survival skills. When you’re out in the desert, you’ll most likely need the information he contributed to this book to survive in the environment’s dry, hot, and harsh conditions. Combined, these two people can reliably give you the most knowledge that you can get from plants around the field and are both credible in their own right. Therefore, the content of Book Of Remedies is trustworthy just because two credible authors wrote it.

Where Is Book Of Remedies Published From?

While this information is unclear, it seems that the publisher of this book is Claudiu Giurgi. Book Of Remedies was published last 2019 and is still currently in circulation wherever needed.

In Which Medium Is Book Of Remedies Published?

Book Of Remedies is published through print and digital copies. The difference is clear. If you opt to go for the print copy, you get to have a full book with a hardcover and something to physically hold. However, when getting the digital copy, you virtually get it through the internet through downloading. It’s that simple.

What Are The Benefits Of Reading Book Of Remedies?

Book Of Remedies benefits include:

  • Knowledge to identify good from bad plants
  • Knowledge to identify their uses
  • Increased chance to survive in the wilderness with nothing but yourself
  • Better quality of life
  • Fewer side effects from mainstream drugs

Book Of Remedies has a lot of benefits in store for its readers. Since we now know it contains useful information on plant identification, we can get the primary benefit from this book is the knowledge to identify plants according to their type and uses. There are plants that are inedible. There are plants that are poisonous. As much as possible, you don’t want to be near those kinds of plants. What you want are edible and useful plants for your life. It is exactly what this book is giving you. It’s generally blessing you with an increased chance of surviving in the wild. Sure, you may not have your book with you, but it’s almost impossible that you don’t remember anything from this book even after years have passed. Think of it as a sort of educational course for you. With that said, you can considerably have a better quality of life since you’ll teach yourself how to live the natural way. Far from chemicals and other manmade substances bad for the health, Book Of Remedies can make you understand that you don’t need those things to survive. The last benefit listed up there is that you receive fewer side effects from mainstream drugs. Several studies show that some plants are better than their over-the-counter medicinal counterparts since they offer fewer side effects than usual. It is a great perk to have and an overwhelming benefit that you can exploit if you’re looking for alternative ways to alleviate the side effects that you’re feeling from a certain kind of drug.

home remedy

What Are The Downsides Of Reading Book Of Remedies?

Generally, if you don’t like reading, then Book Of Remedies is practically useless for you. We have to remember that this book needs to be read from cover to cover to understand its application in our life. If you want, you can let somebody teach you what’s stored in this book, but it’s extremely better if you would be the one who would be doing the reading. That way, you can digest the information and pass it on to other people in the process.

Related Literature To Book Of Remedies

Being written by two authors who had the knowledge of medicinal plants from their heads, it’s quite hard to pinpoint related literature to Book Of Remedies. What we can relate to, though, is the difference between this book from other books that also showcase medicinal herbs. In general, other books tell us of the great benefits that plants can give us daily. For example, there’s a book by Thomas Easley called The Modern Herbal Dispensatory. However, what’s different about Book Of Remedies is that it contains an index of illnesses that the said plants can fix. There is also an instruction that comes with these plants so that their administration methods are done right. Therefore, Book Of Remedies gives a better reading experience when compared to other books.

How Much Does Book Of Remedies Cost?

Book Of Remedies costs $37 only! That’s right. You can get this book’s physical and digital product for a low price of $37 with a $8.99 shipping and handling fee! In total it costs $45.99. Unfortunately, shipping is only available in the United States of America, so there’s one downside we had yet to tackle! Yes, it sounds pricey for a book, but this book was sold for $100 in its heyday, according to several internet accounts. Therefore, the $45.99 price tag on this book can be seen as a blessing! Grab a copy of your book today before it’s sold out!

Where Can You Buy Book Of Remedies?

You can only buy Book Of Remedies from their official website. Copies of this book sold outside the website we’re posting here are considered illegitimate copies of the real thing. Why so? Because the books that are sold here on Book Of Remedies are sold by Dr. Apelian herself and are covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee! Also, you get two free books when you purchase Book Of Remedies from their official website! How cool is that?

Does Book Of Remedies Have A Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes! As previously mentioned, Book Of Remedies has a 60-day money-back guarantee. I know this is not a supplement or something, but if ever you feel like you think this kind of information is useless to you, send them an email at [email protected]
and include the words “Return Question” in your subject line. They will ask you to return the product, of course. Once they get the product on their side, you get a full 100% refund (except for the shipping and handling fee).

Book Of Remedies Reviews

Book Of Remedies reviews is well and great both in mainstream and forum review panels. Here are some of Book Of Remedies reviews that we got online:

“For years, I have been taking out the weeds around my house. I liked to eat a lot of food that often gets mixed up inside my belly. My food choices are also bizarre. It leads to regular loose bowel movements now and then. When I stumbled upon this book, I was curious. Never in my whole life did I realize that the weed I kept taking out on the side of my house was an actual remedy for diarrhea! Thank you, Dr. Apelian, for the information!” – Gary Weiss

“With Book Of Remedies, I can finally be confident outdoors! I love hiking, and going through trails is quite scary for me, especially when we’re running out of daylight. It had truly come in handy, most especially when I wanted to eat in the middle of a hike!” – Larry Smith

Book Of Remedies Summary and Verdict

Book Of Remedies is extremely useful and practical for life. So much has been already said in this review, and one thing stands out – it gives you an edge in life. For that matter, we recommend you get the latest copy of Book Of Remedies now before their stocks run dry. Then, who knows, you might use the information in this book in a serious and emergency in the future!

To learn more about Book Of Remedies or to buy the book, visit their official website here

Contact Details: The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

[email protected]

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