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What kind of New Year’s Eve character are you? Some of us are party-goers, hoping to make the most of the last hours of the year. Others, like me, hope to curl up in my most comfortable pajamas with a friend, a good book, a favorite pet — or rather, all three! There are still others to be found, either at a favorite restaurant or two that book a table for two organizing a small group of friends at home. The one that best describes your NYE plan is a common ground that we can all agree on. Although it is delicious to celebrate next year, I doubt that any of us want to wake up with a headache caused by sugar or alcohol. To help get away from the wrong The atmosphere of 2022I’ve put together some of my favorite healthy (and soon to be yours) New Year’s Eve recipes.

Remember: reduction is not the goal. My hope is to help fill your plate with all the sweet and nutritious food that will allow you to celebrate your holiday the way you want, while you wake up resolutions. I found everything mocktails to small snacks full of flavor. Get ready for gluten-free goodies (homemade crunchy crackers!), Sweet veggies (cheesecake!), And vegetable-filled apps.

Something I love about setting out to get involved healthier foods my diet includes creativity that inspires creativity. When you are focusing on bringing color and ingredients to feel good at every meal, the foods you create and consume are inevitably more satisfying. You may be surprised at how much closer and connected you are to what you eat. And the truth is, this feeling alone is much more gratifying than emphasizing the number of calories.

So let’s dive into our minds and try all the healthy and flavorful food combinations, so let’s dive in. Get ready for the end of 2021 and call it a new year.

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Healthy cocktails

Minty Pomegranate Punch

Why we love: Grenades are an elusive ingredient that I try to take advantage of when they are in season. Pograna-aril blends with blueberry and mint beautifully balances the sweet and salty flavors. Believe me when I say this will be the best take on a non-booty mojito you’ve ever had.

Hero component: I love the fresh, sweet taste that mint can bring to almost anything.

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Ginger Basil Pomelo Spritzer from Joylicious

Why we love: It goes without saying that New Year’s Eve celebrations have a reputation for being heavy with alcohol, but that doesn’t mean it’s supposed to be an evening. Lighten things up with a non-alcoholic splash of flavor. The basil goes well with the syrup and grapefruit and ginger. It’s refreshing and moisturizing, and you can sip it knowing you won’t wake up in the morning with a hangover.

Hero component: When winter comes, I want all my drinks to involve some element of citrus. Grapefruit juice adds a little acidity and bitterness to give your glass a bit of a snack.

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Healthy food and snacks

The First Mess avocado tart with roasted beets, basil and duke

Why we love: When I’m traveling alone or having a solo dinner without fail, I always ask myself for steak tart. Nothing feels more elegant than a minimalist presentation of raw meat and an egg yolk on top. Of course, that’s not something I can eat every evening or so. So when I’m longing for a bit of decadence and it’s been over a minute since I’ve eaten something green, come in: this avocado tartare. It just makes sense. The high concentration of healthy avocado fat is pierced with capers, dijon and red onions, creating a sweet dish without feeling heavy.

Hero component: The slightest splash on Tamari gives your tartar all the salt it needs.

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Easy gluten-free crackers from one dish to another

Why we love: Of course, the easiest thing in the world is to buy an old box of crackers and fan your NYE cheese board. But if you’re willing to make the slightest effort to make these wonderful gluten-free crackers, you won’t believe them. Four ingredients. 30 minutes. I’m not lying — do these, stat.

Hero component: While you’re welcome to use the salt available in this recipe, choosing herbal flavored salt provides these crunchy, crunchy crackers with an amazing flavor.

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Everything from White Sweet Bean Hummus to What Sweet Eats

Why we love: Basically it’s a rule: when Hummus is on the table, the party starts. But since we’ve all come to the conclusion that there is no way to benefit from adding all the bagel seasoning, the celebrations can’t really begin until this is served.

Hero component: Although most hummus recipes use chickpeas as a base, this version replaces cannellini beans. Of course, the creamy texture is sweet, but it’s a more earthy and beautiful flavor of white beans for all the spices gathered in all the seasoning.

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Spicy Edamame by A Couple Cooks

Why we love: Edamame has long been a favorite of my family. When I was growing up, my sister and I loved getting it straight into the mouth from the soybean pod. (In hindsight, it was a pretty wise way for my parents to grow vegetables in our usual rotation.) Eating a million edamame is very easy because before you realize you’ve reached the bottom of your bowl, I love that. Take this spicy one to help me slow down and enjoy every little bean I enjoy. This recipe also requires only five ingredients in total. Easy to win applications.

Hero component: Garlic chili sauce is popular in many Asian cuisines. Although it is similar to Sriracha, it is a little brighter and sharper thanks to the garlic. In this recipe, you will give your edamame the right amount of spices, without being overwhelming.

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Sweet Potato Crostini

Why we love: Since I can eat sweet potatoes at almost every meal, I’m always looking for new ways to eat my favorite root vegetable. Well, let the always-bright Camille party appetizer at everyone’s hands invent this low-carb snack. They create crispy little toast cut into thin slices of potatoes, perfect for any seasonal combination you can think of.

Hero component: Potatoes should be sweet. Trust Camille when she tells him you won’t miss the bread.

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Flourishing Foodie Spicy Beets with Fennel, Walnut and Chevre

Why we love: Beetroot is one of the favorite foods of the winter season. Although not for everyone, I find them sweet and earthy. I love this recipe for flavored with cloves, cinnamon and a pinch of red wine vinegar. If you are looking for a way to serve NYE dinner, do this.

Hero component: Fennel bulb licorice and anise flavors cut sweet beets to achieve a winning flavor combination.

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Gluten-free savory galette with Holistic Foodie tomatoes and greens

Why we love: If your birthday party is more of a finger-eating party than a sit-down celebration, this galette is the main thing to do. Galettes are always my recommendation when I want to be surprised without worrying about whether my dish will actually come out. Intentionally rustic, galettes are inherently and beautifully imperfect. He is basically a close cousin of pizza and feels special enough to welcome the new year.

Hero component: Walnut-based vegan ricotta gets its cheese flavor from everyone’s favorite plant-based protein source, nutritional yeast.

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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Feta Penne Pasta from The Roasted Root

Why we love: While it may not seem special enough to bring it to a New Year’s Eve party, this isn’t just any old pasta. This dish is creamy, comfortable and cheesy, but more than that, it is full of nuances thanks to the addition of caramelized onions and garlic. You heard it here first: pumpkin isn’t just for cake, folks.

Hero component: Speaking of pumpkin. Pumpkin puree turns the dough into a sweet and savory pasta.

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Healthy Desserts

Chai Spicy Pear Pochas with Mascarpone

Why we love: I was at a dinner party the other night, where someone was serving some spicy, sweet pears. Although the presentation was modest, the taste and overall impact of the dessert were left out of the words. In total, seven ingredients (one water) make it the easiest dessert after dinner. And when you work with something as sweet as pears, there’s not much to improve.

Hero component: Except … mascarpone improves everything.

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Hello Glow’s Vegan Gingerbread Cake

Why we love: Do you think you can’t enjoy ginger from December 25th? Think again, my friends. Although a mixture of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cloves provides a cozy Christmas atmosphere, you have my permission to burn this cake all winter long. It’s spicy, soft, smooth, and of course moist (as are the best pastries). It’s also completely milk-free, so there’s nothing stopping you from taking another slice.

Hero component: It’s not gingerbread without a little molasses. It’s warm, sweet, and slightly smoky, so you can even double this cake for breakfast the next morning.

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Minimalist Baker’s Chocolate Cheese Cheese and Gluten Free

Why we love: Were you surprised to see a list of healthy cheesecake recipes? I don’t blame you. While the dessert is reminiscent of the awesome wedges served at The Cheesecake Factory, this recipe can’t be further from the truth. A cheesecake-like chocolate filling is made by mixing raw pineapple and coconut cream. The tour is vegan, yet chocolatey, decadent and utterly dreamy.

Hero component: Although the recipe is raspberry sauce optional, New Year’s Eve comes only once a year. It’s time to take out all the stops, including this sauce.

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