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A Bisquick breakfast and all the best intentions. Handprints traced and outlined courtesy of Crayola markers. Optimistic promises to treat chores as pleasures — not complaints. The consistency among these three seemingly-unrelated circumstances? They’re each a peek into the Mother’s Day gifts I’ve known and loved.

Now that I’m a mom myself three times over (a reality I still can’t wrap my mind around), I’m giving a pregnant pause to the concept of the holiday. Mother’s Day has me thinking of all the packed lunches, carpool pick-ups, dried tears, cheek smudges wiped away, braided hair tresses, and boo-boos bandaged. The goodnight kisses, the pages read (and re-read) and, of course, the many lullabies sung.

The list of tasks, trials, and tribulations navigated continues. I’ve also been reflecting on all the sibling fights and feuds I’ve broken up, the carpet stains I’ve scrubbed (and scrubbed, and scrubbed…), the insistence on finishing veggies before dessert, and the negotiations over why pajamas aren’t appropriate school attire.

And it’s made me decide to lean all the way in this year.

For all the big and small moments, we moms deserve a treat. Too taxed to make a list of things you’d love to open on May 8th? I’ve got you covered with the best Mother’s Day gifts. Read on for some of my current wishlist items, and feel free to print out this guide and casually leave it on the kitchen counter. Okay, a note might be necessary, too.

16 Top-Rated Mother’s Day Gifts Every Mama Will Love


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