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8 Tips for Making Your Transportation Operations Greener


Researchers, manufacturers and others are working hard to create materials, products and processes that reduce carbon emissions and have less of a negative impact on the environment. They’re making great strides and announcing helpful innovations regularly.

But, of course, it takes time for new ideas to reach a point where companies can capitalize on them. And with mounting pressure from regulatory agencies, customers and others to shrink their carbon footprint, businesses are feeling that they need to start showing progress now.

If your company is striving to do that, there’s good news. There are many tactics available to you today to make your operations more sustainable. Transportation, in particular, is an area where you can take action today to be a little greener.

Those actions help the environment, but they also benefit your company in multiple ways, including:

  • Enhanced efficiency. Sustainability initiatives can identify ways your company can work more efficiently.
  • Cost reductions. Being more efficient helps you cut costs. For example, if you determine how two people can complete a task previously requiring three, you can focus one person’s efforts on other responsibilities.
  • Increased profitability. The follow-on from enhancing efficiency and cutting costs is greater profitability. And whether that capital goes directly to the bottom line or is earmarked for other purposes, it’s a win.
  • Enhanced brand image and increased business opportunities. “Green” has gone from being a buzzword many years ago to being an expectation of many businesses and consumers today. When deciding which of two similar organizations to support, the one with a demonstrable focus on sustainability increasingly lands the business.
  • Increased readiness for future legislation. Rules and regulations around carbon emissions and other aspects of sustainability will continue to get stricter in the years and decades ahead. If you’re proactive about making positive changes in your…


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