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A’ Design Awards Introduces New Category for AI Generated Art, Design and Architecture

The A’ Design Awards is proud to announce the introduction of a new sub-category for AI Generated Art under the Generative Design Award. This category will recognize and celebrate the innovative and creative use of artificial intelligence in the field of art, architecture and design.

“We are thrilled to be at the forefront of recognizing and promoting the use of AI in art, architecture and design” said Dr. Onur Mustak Cobanli, the coordinator of A’ Design Awards. “The use of AI in art, design and architecture is a rapidly growing field, and we believe it has the potential to change the way we think about and create art.”

With regards to critique of AI Art by artists, and the fact that it is considered artistic heresy to award it, Dr. Cobanli provided the following considerations:

AI art is a form of digital art that is created using artificial intelligence algorithms. Some critics argue that because the AI is responsible for generating the image, the artist should not be credited as the creator of the work, and thus shall not be awarded. However, this argument is based on a narrow understanding of what it means to create art.

Just like photographers, who do not create the image but instead capture it, AI artists do not create the image but instead curate it. The artist’s role in AI art is not to create the image, but to create the conditions under which the image is generated. This includes designing the algorithm, selecting the dataset, and providing the right prompts to the AI. These decisions are crucial in determining the final outcome and require a high level of creativity and technical expertise.

Furthermore, AI art is not simply a matter of pressing a button and letting the computer do the rest. It requires a deep understanding of the underlying algorithms, as well as the ability to experiment and iterate to achieve the desired results. It also requires a keen curatorial eye to select the most interesting and compelling variations from the vast number…

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