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Attorney Jany Martinez-Ward Empowers Displaced Immigrants

No matter your age, ethnicity, income level, or driving experience, getting into a car accident is a stressful situation. And when you’ve been injured in a car accident, the stress level is multiplied exponentially as you wonder how you’ll recoup the losses of or damage to vehicles, pay for hospital bills, and be compensated for pain and suffering and time off of work due to the negligence of another.

And while a car accident and a resulting injury is stressful for any driver, undocumented immigrants face added levels of stress and uncertainty. Because many undocumented immigrants aren’t familiar with their legal rights or fear deportation, thousands of car accidents and accident injuries go unreported, leaving the injured parties to try to pick up the pieces on their own.

What many people don’t realize is that undocumented immigrants in the US who have been in car accidents have the same legal entitlements and rights to compensation as US citizens. And it’s something that renowned car accident attorney Jany Martinez-Ward is fighting to bring to light so that anyone involved in a car accident – especially undocumented immigrants – get the legal support and compensation they deserve as the victim of another’s negligence.

Martinez-Ward’s mission to support immigrants is a deeply personal one. She came to the US as an undocumented immigrant at age 14 with her mother and infant brother and watched in horror as her mother was detained and she and her brother sent into foster care for a period of time while the case played out in the legal system.

“As an immigrant myself who didn’t speak English when I arrived, I understand the fear and uncertainty immigrants have in dealing with the US legal system,” said Martinez-Ward. “When my family came to the US when I was a teen, my mother was detained, and my family was at the mercy of the US legal system with no understanding of our rights. We had to rely on well-meaning attorneys to advocate for us as we sought to gain residency and citizenship.”

Based on her personal experiences with the US legal system as an immigrant, Martinez-Ward vowed to help others, especially other Hispanics, navigate the US legal system by becoming an attorney. Over a decade ago, she and her husband, Gregory C. Ward, founded The Ward Law Group based in Miami, which has now expanded to include offices across the country. She mainly focuses on car accident cases for Hispanic clients, serving as a trusted advocate and confidante as she helps them make sense of the US legal system and secure the compensation they deserve as car accident victims.

Martinez-Ward’s track record is notable. Under her leadership, The Ward Law Group has secured over $500 million in compensation for its clients. And in addition to these measurable results, she also spends time educating the Hispanic community on their legal rights through her weekly Spanish-language radio show.

“I want to make sure that immigrants understand their rights when it comes to car accidents and dispel any myths about their rights,” said Martinez-Ward. “And the reality is, they have the same rights as US citizens and are entitled to compensation for their injuries and losses. My goal is to help more immigrants understand this so that they can find some relief in a stressful experience and get justice when they have been injured by someone else’s negligence.”

To ensure that displaced immigrants understand their rights and improve their chances of a favorable judgement in a lawsuit, Martinez-Ward shares the following answers to some commonly asked questions.

Can undocumented immigrants get car insurance?

Car insurance policies for immigrants vary from state to state. Individuals should check their state policies. For states that allow it, a taxpayer ID number should be presented to obtain insurance.

What should you do if you’re an immigrant who has been in an accident?

First, don’t panic or leave the scene. You have rights. Martinez-Ward recommends using the following list if you’ve been in an accident:

Check for injuries

Call an ambulance if needed or head straight to the hospital after taking necessary actions on the scene. Don’t worry about how you will pay for the charges. Take care of yourself first.

Collect evidence

Exchange contact information, insurance information, and driver’s license information. Take photos and written notes of damages to both vehicles, any injuries, and any statements made by the other party.

Call the police

Getting a police report is essential to protect yourself and to file a claim for damages. The police officer can speak to witnesses and document damages and injuries. During any conversations with authorities, be sure that you don’t disclose your immigration status.

Seek medical care

Even if you’re not sure if you’ve sustained any injuries, it’s a good idea to visit a doctor. It can take time to calm down after an accident, and various pains and injuries might be present after you leave the scene. Getting a check-up and a report from a doctor can help you create a paper trail and document any injuries that arise as a result of the accident, which can benefit you in legal proceedings.

Contact an attorney

An experienced car accident attorney can help answer your questions and any questions the police may have. Your attorney can help estimate your damages and what compensation you are owed and help you put together a successful case.

Since launching The Ward Law Group over a decade ago, Martinez-Ward and her team have helped thousands of clients across Florida secure the injury compensation they deserve. Due to the team’s track record of success and seeing a need to support immigrants across the country with their personal injury cases, The Ward Law group has opened offices in various locations across the US.

In response to the highly publicized immigrant influx in New York, The Ward Law Group recently opened its doors in an office in New York City. Similar to its flagship office in Miami, the team’s New York office will specialize in supporting Hispanic clients injured in car accidents.

“In thinking about where our services are needed most, New York City is a logical choice based on the current political realities,” said Martinez=Ward. “Whether Hispanic immigrants are ending up in New York on their own accord or because of decisions made by government officials, there is a growing need for legal support for undocumented Spanish-speaking clients. Our goal is to help alleviate the legal burdens for these immigrants with expert representation from an attorney that personally understands their struggles and is committed to fighting for their rights when they’ve been injured.”

If you were involved in a car accident and are concerned about how your immigration status might impact your case, The Ward Law Group, a specialized personal injury law firm, can help. You may schedule a free case consultation in English or Spanish with an experienced Florida and New York car accident attorney from The Ward Law Group by visiting or calling: 855-dolor-55.

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