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Best offers for Samsung Galaxy S21, wallet and accessories (2021)


How much do you have to pay for one of these phones? The Galaxy S22 the series isn’t far away, so you don’t have to pay the full price. The Galaxy S21 often drops to $ 650 on Amazon and other retailers. The S21 + typically drops to around $ 800, and although the S21 Ultra has hovered around $ 1,000 before, has as you go down Less than $ 900. You have to try not to pay more than that. However, it seems that the S21 range is out of stock nonahi. Here are the best places to find them:

Samsung has low sales of these devices throughout the year, and you can expect prices to drop again before the end of the year. Your free YouTube Premium includes four months (no ads) and six months of SiriusXM Streaming. If you exchange it with a compatible phone that is in good condition, you can remove it from the price of your phone up to $ 600. Samsung allows you to swap with cracked phones for up to $ 550 in credit.

Amazon’s stock is changing lately, but soon there will be a chance to see big discounts on these phones. Amazon he does You have an exchange program that supports phones from more manufacturers than Samsung, but you should first try to sell your old phone to see if you get more money back. Guk be a guide how to do it.

Some models are sold out at Best Buy. If available, make sure you choose an unlocked model when shopping at Best Buy. You can exchange it with a compatible phone in good condition for a discount of up to $ 900. The downside is that you have it need visit a Best Buy store so an employee can see the phone you’re exchanging.

Galaxy S21 Wireless Carrier Deals

If you plan to continue with your carrier or want to upgrade your plan or add a new line, you can also get offers from your provider.

  • Verizon: Do you have an unlimited plan? If you buy a Galaxy S21 or another in the range, you can get $ 150 on a Samsung Galaxy Watch4. Savings come in the form of promotional credit for 24 or 30 months.
  • T-Mobile: You can get it from S21 to $ 800, S21 +, or S21 Ultra When you activate a new line in a Magenta Max rate plan. Savings are achieved through 24 monthly bill credits.
  • AT&T: If you are a new customer or an existing customer, you can get a discount of up to $ 800 if you exchange it with a compatible phone and purchase an S21 series phone with a 30-month payment plan with an unlimited data plan.
  • Visible: The display has S21 and S21 + for slightly discounted prices ($ 792 for the first and $ 984 for the second). You get a $ 100 or $ 200 virtual gift card to spend anywhere after 3 months of full service payments, but you must be a new subscriber and transfer your number from a suitable operator. You can also get a couple of Beats Studio Buds for free.

Our favorite box and accessories

Samsung Wireless Charger Trio.

Photo: Samsung

If you don’t want to live on the edge, a case is essential to protect your investment. Be aware that in no case can you completely avoid cracked glass if you drop your phone. However, it can be helpful to use a case, even to avoid everyday clues. Here are some of the ones we tried and liked.

Of the many cases I’ve tried, this is my favorite. It has a wonderful texture on the back, which makes it pleasant to the touch and simple in design, and even out the impact of the rear camera so that the phone doesn’t rock a lot on the table. It’s still pretty thin, and the buffalo has raised its lips decently to keep the screen off the ground.

This case is so thin, and the weird S21 Ultra is thin. It attaches to the bumper, even though the back is quite slippery, and doesn’t pick up dust, grime, or fingerprints. You can also change the buttons with a pair of neon yellow (included) if you want to turn on a color accent. For something different, I also like Cyrill’s Floral cases (S21, S21 +).

If you hate the bulk of a case that usually adds up, consider Totallee. The company is known for making some of the thinnest cases in the area. The lightweight silicone covers we’ve attached will provide protection from falls, but mostly to protect your device from everyday scratches. If you admire the design of the S21 you have a choice.

Spigen has long offered easy and inexpensive cases, and the Liquid Air series is one of my many choices. It’s slim, has a decent handle and doesn’t look awful. Just in case you didn’t know, Spigen’s two sub-brands are Cyrill and Caseology, our top two choices.

Razer Arctech Pro.

Photo: Razer

Razer says its Thermaphene Cooling technology can quickly dissipate the heat generated by the Galaxy S21 when it runs some heavy games. It’s hard to say if that’s true: the phone was still pretty hot after a long play. Pokémon Unite, but the performance remained smooth, so perhaps it helped. Either way, buy it if you’re a Razer fan and it’s stylish, just click the buttons.

Only the S21 Ultra supports the S Pen, Samsung’s pencil. The pencil isn’t as full of features as Samsung’s Note phones, but it has a pressure sensitivity and makes it nice to draw and write on a fine tip. Samsung Has a case with the S Pen ($ 70) and provides a way to store the pencil. It’s worth catching up if you plan to use the pen anytime, but the wallet takes up too much dust and makes the candy and phone even wider.

Want to charge your new phone wirelessly? I like Samsung’s wireless chargers; they are simple and do the job. If you own a Samsung Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch3, Active2 or Active, get Duo or Trio to charge with your phone. We have more The wireless chargers we tested here.

The new Galaxy phones don’t match charging adapter, but they include a USB-C USB-C cable. If you don’t have a USB-C charging adapter, Samsung will charge your phone at the fastest speed. This nimbus is another good option and has a USB-A port along with USB-C.

Do you need a follower to keep things offline? Both the S21 + and S21 Ultra have ultra-wideband technology, which allows you to get an exact location when you use Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTags. Attach anything (car keys, a pet collar, in a backpack) and use the SmartThings app to find the exact location of an item you missed. It also works with the regular S21, but only with Bluetooth tracking.

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