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CAICV Presents Establishment Meeting of the International Communication and Cooperation Committee of ICV Roadmaps

In recent years, organizations and governments from China, Europe, Japan, US, and other countries and regions have released diverse ICV roadmaps, playing an important role in driving industry consensus, supporting policies and regulations, promoting industrial development, and boosting collaborative innovation.

To promote international communication, conduct joint research, and boost multi-lateral collaboration among the different roadmaps, the International Communication and Cooperation Committee of ICV Roadmaps was officially established on June 7th.The committee is sponsored by China Society of Automotive Engineers (CSAE) and China Industry Innovation Alliance for Intelligent and Connected Vehicles (CAICV), the organizer of China’s ICV roadmap, together with organizations and enterprises all around the world, including 5GAA, ACEA, BMW, CAAM, CAERI, CAICT, CATARC, Changan Auto, CICT, DFM, Drive Sweden, ERTICO, ERTRAC & CCAM Partnership, FISITA, GAC Motor, GM, Huawei, KSAE, RIOH, RIRS, SAE International, TRB, VDA, Volkswagen and Zenzic, etc.

Establishment of the International Communication and Cooperation Committee of ICV Roadmaps

Prof. Li Keqiang, Chief Scientist of National Innovation Center of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles (CICV), Mr. Armin Graeter, Co-Chair of ERTRAC and Chair of CCAM Partnership, and Dr. Edward Straub, Vice President of SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (SAE ITC), will serve as Co-Chairs of the Committee.

The committee will conduct the communication and discussion of the ICV roadmaps among different countries and regions in the future, as well as promote cross-regional cooperation and intensify a global development consensus. Recognizing regional differences, the committee will focus on promoting the cooperation on technology innovation, standards and regulations, as well as test and pilot programs on the basis of roadmaps, to reduce the waste of resources, improve the development efficiency and promote the global development…

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