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China has created a domestic snow wax car, and the Chinese ski team has added a sharp weapon to the Olympic Games – Press Release

Jinan, China, 02/10/2022 / SubmitMyPR /

The 24th Winter Olympic Games are being held in Beijing, China. In view of Beijing’s successful hosting of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, it is believed that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will also be of great interest.Recently, the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics were praised by IOC President Bach. He said, “this will be an extraordinary Winter Olympics!”.Recently, rich scientific and technological elements are appearing in the competition venue of Beijing Winter Olympic Games. We found that China heavy truck, China’s leading car enterprise, has successfully developed the first snow wax car made in China. Taking the Winter Olympic Games as an opportunity, made in China has made another breakthrough.

In North America, northern Europe and other countries and regions with developed ice and snow sports, skiers are usually accompanied by snow wax vehicles to participate in various competitions. In this way, waxers can wax snowboards in a professional and comfortable environment to ensure that athletes’ equipment can better adapt to the competition,This is also one of the important reasons why athletes from these countries can achieve excellent results in competitions.However, the manufacture of snow wax cars has always been in a blank state in China. Obviously, the preparation conditions of Chinese Skiers need to be improved.It is not difficult to see that in order to successfully host this winter Olympic Games, China has spent a lot of effort and launched many major measures. It is against this background that China’s ice and snow industry chain has been continuously improved and successfully developed and manufactured the first snow wax car with completely independent intellectual property rights.

It is reported that at the beginning of the project, China’s first snow wax car established the goal of “China’s first, world leading and completely domestic”, and now we see that this goal has finally been achieved.The snow wax car in China integrates many of the world’s most cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, involving professional technologies in the fields of new energy power, photovoltaic power generation, 5g communication, live broadcast of events, bionic light source, fitness equipment, epidemic prevention and physical fitness testing, and has 79 patents.The expanded area of 92.5 ㎡ is divided into 8 areas: working area, snowboard storage area, snow wax storage area, rest area, shower room, toilet, sports warm-up area and temporary rest area, which can not only provide waxers with a professional working environment, but also provide athletes with a comfortable war preparation environment.

China’s ski teams have started to use their domestic snow wax cars when they were training for the Beijing Winter Olympics.As a training base for Chinese Ski teams, Xinjiang, China, is extremely cold in winter. Facts have proved that Chinese snow wax cars can operate normally under such ultra-low temperatures.Wang Meixian, a member of the snow wax vehicle joint research project team of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, said that China’s snow wax vehicle can start normally at – 34 ℃ and can meet the normal working needs at – 50 ℃ due to the use of new materials.We can predict that the Chinese snow wax car with excellent performance will not only become a key equipment for the Chinese ski team to compete in the Beijing Winter Olympics, but also play a long-term role in the promotion of ice and snow sports in China in the future.

For a long time, made in China has always had “miracles”. At present, China has ranked among the world’s leading leaders in high-end manufacturing, product design and innovation.From low-cost driving to innovation driving, the transformation from made in China to intelligent manufacturing in China has been well reflected in China’s snow wax car.SINOTRUK, the enterprise that developed and manufactured China’s first snow wax car, is a Chinese local enterprise based in Shandong, China. It took them less than a year to develop snow wax cars from scratch. This efficiency is amazing and very Chinese.The successful application of wax in China shows a good tension between the development and manufacture of heavy snow vehicles in China.

Through the advent of China’s snow wax car, we can see that the localization process of China’s ice and snow equipment is accelerating. With the holding of the Winter Olympic Games, the popularity of ice and snow sports in China must present a new situation.China has set the goal of “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” before achieving this goal. We will wait and see how this goal can be achieved.

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