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Common Misconceptions About Car Accident Lawsuits

Car accident lawsuits, when they occur, are mostly very familiar to people. These can be of different types and can impact the lives of the affected people pretty badly. These do depend on the type of accident that has occured and also on the condition of the passengers and the drivers that were involved in them. 

The aftermath can obviously be very difficult to understand, but with the right steps taken, all of this can be made very easy. A number of myths and misconceptions are still believed by people when it comes to car accident lawsuits. 

So, it is necessary for every single person to have an understanding of them.

A houston auto accident lawyer can help a lot in navigating through such cases in the most useful ways where none of the misconceptions are believed. 

  1. Lawsuits Always Mean Higher Compensation

One of the biggest misconceptions or myths related to car accident lawsuits is that the compensation or the money that is received after a case is a lot. However, this is not always the case.

Before the lawyer takes a case, one of the payment methods ensures that a certain percentage will be given to them if they win the case. Also, it must be kept in mind that the compensation depends on the type of injury and the damages that are borne by the injured party. 

A lot of times, it can be seen that the insurance also comes with a limit. So, you only get the amount that is covered by your insurance and not anything extra related to the damages that are not covered in the package. This is the reason why you need to keep a look at the policy that you are availing. 

 2. Minor Accidents Do not Need Legal Action

In case of minor accidents, it can be seen that a lot of people just let them go. This is done because people have the misconception that they will not get anything in return in such cases. 

It must be kept in mind that not all injuries are instantly apparent following an accident. Issues like whiplash, concussions, or soft tissue injuries can surface days or even weeks later. 

These injuries could not have been caused by an accident without proper documentation and legal action, which would have complex insurance claims.

The dealings with the insurance companies can get very difficult in case of minor injuries as it gets a little bit difficult to prove the damages that you have suffered. For this to work out in your favor, you are supposed to understand your legal rights when it comes to minor injuries. 

3. A Lawyer is Not Needed

In a lot of cases, it has been observed that people think that a lawyer is not always needed in car accident cases. It is believed that they are able to deal with the cases alone without any kind of help. But, it must be understood that the role of a lawyer is very important. They know the right jargon and the correct rights that you deserve.

Their negotiation skills with the insurance companies can change the game completely for you.  

The insurance companies do have their own profits in mind when they discuss the compensation with you. So you should make sure that you do not agree with the very first offer that they give you. This is why a lawyer is very important to solve your case and to guide you through the whole process. 

4. All of the Lawyers are the Same

One of the biggest misconceptions of the people is that they think that all of the lawyers are the same. However, this is not very true. 

There are different areas of specialization for different lawyers on which they work. Like in the cases of car accidents, it is usually the car accident lawyer or the personal injury lawyer. 

There are also some different fee structures that are followed by the lawyers in different cases. Also, it does depend on the case and how bad the injuries are. With that, lawyers do help people with cases no matter how bad or minor they are.

5. A Lawsuit can be Filed at Anytime

This is also one of the mistakes that people make when it comes to lawsuits. It must be remembered that there is a designated time limit for all the cases to be reported. 

The statute of limitation is one of the concepts that focuses on the time limit associated with the cases as to when they need to be reported. So it differs depending on the state in which the accident occured, or on the severity of the cases. 


In the end, it must be remembered that there is a lot of wrong information on the internet and also people do have very wrong information to tell other people. It must be made sure that you focus on the right information and trust the one that is best for your case. 

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