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Dallas Incorporated, Consultancy Firm and Private Investment Fund, Brings Business Ideas to Market in 30 Days


After 20 years of setting startups in motion, a collective of business experts launched Dallas Incorporated in 2021. Charlie Lass, founder and CEO, and a small team run this consultancy firm and private investment fund. Their mission involves collaborating with emerging founders to solve complex problems and match new products with the right audiences. Dallas Inc. also supports established firms with operating more efficiently. These objectives are accomplished within a 30-day process.

“What would take others a year takes us a month because it’s so intensive and automated,” said Lass.

Dallas Inc. consults with clients on branding and marketing, fundraising, rebuilding executive boards, pricing strategies, audience matching, and other aspects of business innovation. Their model is intentionally short-term and aims to mentor businesses through the foundational opportunities and pitfalls of product rollouts and improvements. This consultancy also provides software and product development via partnerships. A driving goal is to ensure the success of both founders and their investors by teaching lessons learned to clients.

Lass explained, “The vast majority of startups fail. The average cost of launching is $250,000 and takes 12 months. $50,000 for a 30-day process that validates your vision and may already have revenue is incredible value. We also take the stress and uncertainty away from Founders, something that is more and more important.”

Charlie Lass, founder and CEO of Dallas Incorporated

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Dallas Incorporated has brought 32 brands from “scratch” to varied audiences.

Along with its short-term model, Dallas Inc. typically works with no more than 1 client each month. This approach facilitates exclusivity, learning the ins and outs of business ideas, and cultivating customized market strategy.

The firm is primarily based in Dallas, Texas. It recently expanded to the city of Fort Worth and will gradually spread to other…


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