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Dr. Jonas Gauthier Becomes First Robot-assisted Dentist in Louisiana

Dr. Jonas Gauthier Becomes First Robot-assisted Dentist in Louisiana

Owner of Today’s Dental in Pineville joins exclusive group of cutting-edge dentists in America

[Pineville, LA, February 28, 2023] Dr. Jonas Gauthier of Today’s Dental in Pineville, Louisiana, has become the first dentist in the state of Louisiana to offer robot-assisted dental implant surgery. He joins a select few dentists around the nation who can offer this extraordinary procedure to their patients.

“It’s all about the quality of care and minimizing recovery,” says Gauthier. “The Yomi robot allows us to perform minimally invasive implant surgery which means less pain and less recovery time than traditional surgery. It’s a new level of safety and precision that means happy, smiling patients sooner. We have to worry about sinuses and nerves when placing implants and the robot is the GPS that helps me be incredibly precise – a fraction of a millimeter or half a degree in the implant angle can make a huge difference to the patient.”

The Yomi robot – developed by the Miami, Florida-based healthcare company Neocis – is the only FDA-cleared robotic device for dental implant surgery in the country. It uses advanced software to plan dental implant procedures and provides real-time guidance during surgery, allowing for greater precision and accuracy in implant placement. With this advanced technology, Dr. Gauthier and his team can offer patients a higher standard of care that is both efficient and cost-effective.

“We are excited to join with Today’s Dental, as our first robotic dental practice in the state of Louisiana,” says Neocis Central US – Clinical Business Team Manager Heather Land. “Their commitment to provide the highest standard of care with the Yomi robot, shows their dedication to quality patient care. We look forward to a long partnership with Dr. Gauthier and his team.”

Gauthier has already performed the first robot-assisted dental implant surgery in Louisiana…

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