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Eco Material Technologies Celebrates Opening of Kirkland Pozzolan Mine in Yavapai County, Arizona – Press Release

Eco Material Site to Convert Ash into Concrete for Bridges, Roads, and Other Key Infrastructure Needs, Reducing Pollution in the Process

PRESCOTT, Ariz., June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Eco Material Technologies (“Eco Material” or the “Company”), the leading producer of sustainable cementitious materials, today celebrated the opening of the Kirkland Pozzolan Mine in Yavapai County, Arizona.

The approximately 100-acre site, one of the largest natural pozzolan mines, provides natural materials that will be used in concrete to build bridges, roads, buildings, and other key infrastructure throughout the region. These materials will replace the more common Portland cement, which is a major source of pollution accounting for 8 percent of global carbon emissions.

“We are excited for the opening of the Kirkland Pozzolan Mine, which will benefit not only Yavapai County but all of Arizona as well as the surrounding region,” said Grant Quasha, CEO of Eco Material Technologies. “Without the support of elected officials including Governor Doug Ducey, Senator Mark Kelly, State Senator Karen Fann, and State Representative Quang Nguyen, we would not be celebrating this milestone achievement.”

The event also recognized the hard work and dedication of the plant’s employees, as well as Eco Material’s contributions to the area including bringing wireless internet service to the surrounding community, planting new trees, and generating significant tax revenue for the state.

Attendees included Yavapai County Supervisor Harry Oberg, a representative from Senator Kelly’s office, trade industry officials, and plant employees.

About Eco Material Technologies

Eco Material Technologies is a leading producer of sustainable cement alternatives in the U.S., serving over 4,000 unique customer locations from its 100+ sites across 45 states. The Company is the leading marketer and distributor of fly ash, with an approximately 50% volume share in the U.S. and the industry’s only true national footprint of logistics networks and distribution channels. Eco Material also has a patented technology to convert fly ash and other materials into innovative, near-zero carbon building materials that react faster, match the one-day performance of, and after 28 days are approximately 20% stronger than traditional cement, all while reducing by approximately 99% the CO2 emissions that are traditionally associated with cement production. The Company also provides mission-critical utility services, including operations support, waste disposal, and environmental remediation.

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