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Are you looking for workflow automation software? Perhaps your existing workflow is costly and inefficient. Or you may still rely on outdated “pen and ink” practices when handling important documents.

Whatever the case, well-chosen document control software can transform the way you deal with clients. This article is a complete guide to finding an application that is a strong fit for your business.

Why Are Businesses Using Workflow Automation Software?

Businesses are increasingly transitioning to paperless workflows for three main reasons:

  1. Speeds up the document creation and delivery process: When document workflows are fully digitized, it’s possible to create, send and follow up on documents in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

  2. Improves sign and close rates (often significantly): Signing a digital document, often without having to do anything more than open an email, significantly “smooths out” the customer journey, thereby increasing conversions.

  3. Provides a higher level of security while slashing storage costs: Storing documents online in a secure environment is often preferable to keeping them on physical premises, for reasons related to both cost and safety.

Automating Your Document Workflow Processes: Factors to Consider

When evaluating different software providers, consider three factors:

  • Integrations with your existing tech stack: One of the main benefits of document control solutions is that they enable the speedy transfer of data between platforms used for customer management, accounting, project management and so on. Check that your chosen provider has all the integrations you require.

  • Scalability and long-term costs: Subscriptions to document management platforms are usually on a per-user basis. If you expect your organization to grow, it is important to make sure costs will not become prohibitively expensive if you need to upgrade your plan.

  • Ease of use and onboarding assistance: How easy will it be for…

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