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Welcome to First Take PR, a public relations and consulting company that specializes in entertainment and publishing.  Our mission is to create a buzz for our clients and propel their public awareness with well-constructed strategies, social media marketing, targeted press releases; hand-picked, red carpet appearances, and developing their brands.

First Take PR has worked with a variety of talent over the years ranging from designers, artists, musicians, actors, and publishers.  Our services cover the spectrum of event planning to event completion; creating engaging content, getting relevant press, and viral social media marketing.

First Take PR has played a critical role in planning and launching books and magazines from inception to completion.  We have provided professional graphic designers of various mediums to create the professional quality packaging needed to make the most impact for your compaign.  We have scripted story lines, filmed music videos, and edited actor’s reels. From Corporate identities to entertainment image consulting, First Take PR does it all! Contact us if you are ready to plan your company’s strategy or become a relevant player in your field.


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