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doen gingham shirt

The # 1 piece I pack for trips is a soft, button-down shirt. It’s so cute paired with denim cut-offs or wrapped around a swimsuit. And, at the end of a day, when you’re feeling sun kissed and windswept, a shower and button-down make you ready for dinner and drinks o’clock. Here are four pretty versions: gingham, floral, colorful and things.

best grilled cheese recipe

How do you make grilled cheese? The Kitchn tested seven ways and found a very clear winner. (Can you guess?)

Ukraine zoo

Last weekend, I took the boys to Coney Island and listened to podcasts while watching them ride the rollercoasters. This episode – featuring people trying to help solve strangers’ problems – blew my socks off.

Have you seen the new comedy series I Love That For You? The premise: A want-to-be host of a home shopping network gets fired on her second day. To save her job, she blurts out that her childhood cancer has come back. (It hasn’t.) Creator and star Vanessa Bayer was actually diagnosed with leukemia at age 15 and finished chemo her senior year of high school. “I had to use humor to make everyone, including myself, feel okay,” she told the New York Times. On screen, her giant smile conveys every emotion. She has a “reserved, polite, wonderfully Midwestern energy,” says comedian Aidy Bryant. “Then she hits with a punchline or a funny reaction or her truly incredible smile, which she can weaponize as a force of pain.”

PS More fun thingsand what comedy scenes do you love?

(Ukraine photo by Heidi Levine via This American Life.)

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