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What are you doing this weekend? I had surgery this weekso we’re getting low, and the guys are excited Hotel Transilvania 4 it’s out today! I hope it’s good, and here are some online links …

Girl Scouts made a new cookie, and it’s amazingly funny.

Why is it so hard to make friends in the middle”. (Atlantic)

Now THIS is a walk.

A friend gave me this and it has become a favorite part of my beauty routine.

How delicious it looks like creamy chicken soup?

Five minute movie about a one-minute time machine.

Emma Straub about magic (and theater and celebrity and makeup sessions) in bookstores.

A spelling child cracks in the word “sardoodledom.”

Aupa, this living room!

A day in the life of an inflated coat. I am. (New Yorker)

These two are dancing it always makes me smile.

Also, three comments from readers:

Amanda forward what a love scene you love: “Dear God, cold open from Brooklyn 99! I saw a tweet that said something like “this early scene of B99 has a fandom of its own,” and I agree 100%. “

Emiley forward 10 ways to help a new mom: “I always hope to follow those instincts. I’ve had friends on the porch throwing ginger grains and crackers when they heard my kids had a stomach bug; and someone leaves a delicious Bundt cake on my doorstep without asking for anything. A brother-in-law once sent me a book that I mentioned he wanted to read. Another sent a luxurious hand cream in blue. My kids are 8, 5, and 2 years old, so I didn’t have any weeds … but I found myself in tears all the time. unique. time. It’s so nice to feel loved and seen at all ages and stages, right? I try to remind myself that “I’ve never taken away my generous thinking,” because it never hurts to lift someone up. Something I’ve read so many times on this blog – I’ve cried!

Julie forward losing my brother: “I lost my parents one after the other. My brother, who was still living in our hometown, often met an old family friend who was suffering from dementia. Each time, he would ask my brother, “How are your parents?” and at first my brother would answer honestly and the man would grab him by the chest, angry at the tragic news, to forget a few moments later. Eventually, my brother changed the story that my parents always dreamed of: “Now they live in Mauin. It’s wonderful. ‘

(Photo Robert’s pizza according to All in the Industry.)

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