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Lincoln Park’s Running Physical Therapist, In Motion PT, Shares How to Stop Overstriding

Chicago, United States, 09/22/2022 / SubmitMyPR /

One of the most well-known running physical therapy facilities in Lincoln Park and Chicago, In Motion Physical Therapy, has published a blog post titled “How Can I Stop Overstriding”. The post offers expert advice for passionate runners to help them avoid injuries and make their running sessions more productive. This article outlines and explains five recommendations by the senior physician Dr Lauren Schnidman for preventing and treating overstriding-related pain. It is a must-read for new runners and trained athletes seeking to upgrade their workouts based on professional instructions.

In Motion Physical Therapy is one of Chicago, Illinois's premier physical therapy facilities
In Motion Physical Therapy is one of Chicago, Illinois’s premier physical therapy facilities

Overstriding is an improper running condition that may result in discomfort and time off from training. Addressing these concerns can result in a more relaxed and secure running posture to stop premature fatigue when running. According to the study, practicing running drills, such as uphill running and raising cadence, are some of the most efficient techniques to avoid overstriding.

Beginners and casual runners typically choose a slow cadence, extending the time each foot is in touch with the ground. Runners can progressively raise their pace by listening to songs with a quicker beat or using a stopwatch. According to research, an optimal cadence is about 180 steps per minute. Running physical therapist at In Motion, Dr Lauren, advises athletes to raise their pace gradually by 5–10%.

A summary of the article’s recommendations includes advice on increasing hamstring strength through workouts that target those muscles in a way that reflects how the muscles move when running. Running drills and uphill running can support runners helping them become more balanced and progressive while they run. Building muscle memory during warmups by repeating the same activity will help avoid almost any running injury.

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