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Little Hay Co. Launches Hay Taster Menu and Hay Boxes for Small Family Pets

Banbury, United Kingdom, 12/02/2022 / SubmitMyPR /

The Little Hay Co. has launched a premium dust free and spore free hay that is grown and harvested in the Cotswolds, perfect for the UK’s small pets, including rabbit hay, hay for hamsters, plus gerbils, mice and even chinchillas.

Mixed tasting hay samples present an ideal opportunity to taste test three different varieties of specialist hay, grown to meet the health and welfare needs of domestic rabbits and other small pets.

Naturally, these species would forage and rely on native grasses and hays to thrive, replicated by three distinctive yet unrefined and non-synthesised hay varieties included in each testing menu; a Cotswold Sweet Hay, a Timothy Hay and a Silky Soft Hay.

The Importance of Quality Hay for Small Pets

Professionally harvested hay is essential for the health of rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, and other small rodents. Animal welfare charities recommend the ideal diet comprise at least 85% to 90% hay or grass, a challenge for British families during wet winters and hot summers.

As a nation of pet lovers, demand for premium hay has skyrocketed, particularly since the pandemic when over 3.2 million families chose a pet to join their households.

Mass-produced hay contains high volumes of dust, dampness and other airborne content that poses an issue not solely for the happiness and health of pets but for their owners too.

Beautifully packaged in eco-friendly boxes, the Mixed Tasting Samples are created with a process that takes traditional farming methods and adds careful quality assurance procedures. Hay is baled in a controlled environment, retaining a balance of consistent moisture content.

The outcome is a tasting menu with a perfect combination of fragrance, texture, nutrition and minerals, available year-round for discerning pets and conscientious animal owners.

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